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Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide

16 Jul 2016

Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is famous vertical cave by the divine light of its coming in through the hole entrance, the cave is located in the district Semanu precisely Pacar Rejo Village, Gunungkidul people used to call with Luweng Jomblang, the meaning of the word luweng is a vertical hole, Semanu Village there are more than 300 caves but the most famous Jomblang cave. The cave is now managed by Mr. Cahyo Alkantana speleology experts; to enter this cave takes special tools due to its horizontal...

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13 Jul 2016

Sermo Reservoir

Sermo Reservoir layout arguably quite strategic, because located between two hills and surroundin...

10 Jul 2016

Suroloyo Peak

Wind loud whack and bring wind rumbling sound piercing in each ear joints of the visitors in the ...